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Unraveling anxiety one thread at a time with illustrations depicting the many faces anxiety can have and normalizing the experience altogether.

To create an accessible and inclusive space for people to see just how common anxiety is and begin to work towards dismantling the stigma and colonial ideologies surrounding mental health and wellness.


What an interesting experience life hands us.  You think you have got it all figured out and then boom, life throws you into some of the darkest, scariest places you never knew existed. Places you thought had no end and forgot there was ever a beginning.

And yet, here you stand in both the light and the dark. Some days may be harder than others, and you stand stronger and firmer for it. Your resilience grows bigger each day while the challenges follow suit. You start to trust the uneasiness that exists in a life that is both fulfilling and painful. And slowly, you begin to carve out your own path into this world and claim the many small and big reasons you stand here today in the pain, the joy, the sorrow, and the confusion.

Swallowing the notion that a fulfilling life does not mean an easy life is one I continue to personal choke on. I always thought life was going to get easier the more I figured out who I was, who I loved, and what I was here for. And yet it seems the more I sift through the layers of hardened identities that were never mine, unveil the eyes of those I love, and discover the muted callings of my soul…I find both anguish and bliss.

Once I knew a life worth living did not mean a life without hardships, loss, sorrow, and grief and instead meant one you choose to stay here for; equipped with a sword, shield, and soul ready to embrace it all one battle at a time fighting for your place in this world.

After years of envisioning this project, I finally took the leap I have been terrified of taking. Creating oh hello anxiety has been as therapeutic for me as it has been challenging. The infographics I make are as much for me as they are for you.  As someone who hid her anxiety, OCD, panic attacks, and ADHD like it was the darkest secret in the world for far too long, I wanted to create a message about anxiety that is louder, brighter, and stronger than any stigma could ever be.

Oh hello anxiety is about educating those with and without anxiety, destigmatizing and decolonizing mental health, providing anxiety management resources, and creating a space for others to see just how common these experiences with anxiety are. No one should have to walk through this world hiding their pain because of fear of judgement, ridicule, or shame. Oh hello anxiety is here to support you as you walk boldly, proudly, and anxiously into this world.

Thank you for allowing me to walk alongside you.

With warmth and racing thoughts,


Headshot Rachel Collins.jpeg

who is this Human?

Name: Rachel Collins

Pronouns: She/Her

Naturopathic Medical Student 2022

Master of Public Health Graduate Candidate

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology 

Certified in being overly anxious.

A human who lives for connection with the natural world, laughter, dismantling capitalism's festering roots in medicine, and a good cup of tea in bed with her cats.

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